Collaborators and fundings

To develop the field of inorganic and redox chemobiology, we have been awarded several grants from a large range of bodies, stressing the relevance of our interdisciplinary approaches.

Recent fundings from ANRs (regularly calls and JCJC), Fondation François Aupetit, Fondation pour la recherche médicale, Qlife initiative, CNRS-MITI, PSL-structuration, PSL-chimie, Fondation de la maison de la Chimie, International Emerging Action of CNRS.

We have engaged fruitful collaborations with researchers in France and at the international level. Collaborations already concretized with a common realization (shared publication, shared funded project, co-supervising):

-Olivier Espeli, Collège de France
-Florence Gazeau, Université Paris Cité
-Elaine Del Nery, Institut Curie, Biophenics
-Philippe Seksik and Sylvie Demignot, Centre de recherche de Saint-Antoine, microbiote, intestine et inflammation, Sorbonne université and EPHE
-Philippe Langella and Florian Chain, INRAE, Institut Micalis
-Alexandre Dazzi et Ariane Deniset, université Paris Saclay
-Vincent Pecoraro, university of Michigan
-Joelle Vinh, ESPCI-PSL university
-Gilles Gasser, Chimie Paris Tech, PSL University
-Andrea Somogyi and Kadda Medjoubi, nanoscopium beamline, Synchrotron SOLEIL
-Romain Coriat, Carole Nicco, Frédéric Batteux, Institut Cochin
-Wee Han Ang, NUS chemistry department, Giorgia Pastorin, NUS pharmacy department
-Weng Kee Leong, NTU, Division of Chemistry and Biological chemistry
-Florence Mahuteau, Institut Curie
-Marc Fontecave, Collège de France, Sophie Griveau et Fethi Bedioui, Chimie Paris Tech PSL University
-Christophe Sandt and Paul Dumas, SMIS beamline, Synchrotron SOLEIL, France
-Nicolas Trcera, Lucia beamline, Synchrotron SOLEIL, France
-Barry Lai, synchrotron Advanced Photon Source, Argonne, US
-Carol J. Hirschmugl, university of Winsconsin, far-IR beamline on synchrotron Aladdin, Madison, US (now closed)

-Vsevolod Belousov, Russian academy of science, Moscow, Russia
-David Bensimon, Department of physics, ENS, Paris, France
-Filippo del Bene, Institut de la vision, Paris, France
-Carsten Berndt, University of Düsseldorf, Germany
-Masaki Fukata, Division of membrane physiology, Okazaki, Japan
-Brigitte Galliot, University of Geneva, Switzerland
-Arnaud Gautier, Sorbonne University, Paris, France
-Ludovic Jullien, Department of Chemistry, ENS, Paris, France
-Hiroyasu Kamei, Institute of science and engineering, Kanazawa university, Japan
-Franck Perez, Institut Curie, Paris, France