Current non-permanent members

Research support

  • Didine Biatuma (ENS funded): chemical synthesis
    Partly with other institute members
  • Lea Allem: biology (CEFIPRA funding)

Post-doctoral fellows and doctoral students

  • Willem Kauffeld (PhD since May 2024, supervision: N. Delsuc and C. Policar)
  • Nader Balbali (PhD since Oct 2023, supervision: N. Delsuc)
  • Yaqine Ben Hadj Hammouda (PhD since Oct 2023, supervision: C. Policar and P. Seksik, co-supervision: N. Delsuc, ANR fellowship)
  • Namita John (PhD since Oct 2022, supervision: C. Policar and G. Chiapetta, ANR fellowship)
  • Caitlan Vervisch (PhD since Oct 2022, supervision: H. Bertrand)
  • Alvaro Lopez Sanchez (PhD since Oct 2021, supervision: H. Bertrand)