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Our team is proud and excited to be involved in @psl_univ's ‘Grands Programmes’! Congratulation to ChemCellState, ChemIA and Enlife! More to be learned about these programmes in the next five years.

Welcome to Issue 6 of 2024! Read the #review featured on the cover by Alvaro Lopez-Sanchez and Helene C. Bertrand:

"Pt(IV) anticancer prodrugs bearing an oxaliplatin scaffold: what do we know about their bioactivity?"

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Congratulations Alvaro and Hélène for this new review about Pt(IV) pro-drugs for cancer therapy, just published in Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers !
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Pt (IV) anticancer prodrugs bearing an oxaliplatin scaffold: what do we know about their bioactivity?
Lopez-Sanchez, A., & Bertrand, H, Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, 2024

Cellular evaluation of superoxide dismutase mimics as catalytic drugs: Challenges and opportunities
Schanne, G., Demignot, S., Policar, C., & Delsuc, N. Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2024

Multiscale Multimodal Investigation of the Intratissural Biodistribution of Iron Nanotherapeutics with Single Cell Resolution Reveals Co‐Localization with Endogenous Iron in Splenic Macrophages
Alice Balfourier, Elena Tsolaki, Laura Heeb, Fabian Starsich, Daniel Klose, Andrea Boss, Anurag Gupta, Alexander Gogos , Inge Herrmann*, Small Methods, 2022

A New Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Mimetic Improves Oxaliplatin-Induced Neuropathy and Global Tolerance in Mice
Caroline Prieux-Klotz, Henri Chédotal, Martha Zoumpoulaki, Sandrine Chouzenoux, Charlotte Chêne, Alvaro Lopez-Sanchez, Marine Thomas, Priya Ranjan Sahoo, Clotilde Policar, Frédéric Batteux, Hélène C. Bertrand*, Carole Nicco, Romain Coriat
International Journal of Molecular Science, 2022

Importance of Metal Biotransformation in Cell Response to Metallic Nanoparticles: A Transcriptomic Meta-analysis Study
Alice Balfourier, Anne-Pia Marty, Florence Gazeau*
ACS Nanoscience Au, 2022, selected in ACS Editor Choice

Graphical Abstract

Deciphering the metal Speciation in Low-Molecular-Weight Complexes by ion mobility spectroscopy (IMS-MS): application to the detection of manganese superoxide dismutase mimics in cell lysates
Martha Zoumpoulaki, Gabrielle Schanne, Nicolas Delsuc, Hugues Preud’homme, Elodie Quévrain, Nicolas Eskenazi, Géraldine Gazzah, Regis Guillot, Philippe Seksik, Joelle Vinh, Ryszard Lobinski, Clotilde Policar*
Angew. Chemie Int. Ed., 2022, Early view, selected as VIP

Graphical Abstract
Inner cover

Inertness of superoxide dismutase mimics Mn(II) complexes based on an open-chain ligand, bioactivity and detection in intestinal epithelial cells
Gabrielle Schanne, Martha Zoumpoulaki, Géraldine Gazzah, Amandine Vincent, Hugues Preudhomme, Ryszard Lobinski, Sylvie Demigno, Philippe Seksik, Nicolas Delsuc, Clotilde Policar*
Oxidative Medecine and Cellular Longevity, 2022

SOD mimics: From the tool box of the chemists to cellular studies
Clotilde Policar*, Jean Bouvet, Hélène C. Bertrand, Nicolas Delsuc
Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 2022

What is new?

-October 2022: Welcome to Caitlan Vervisch and Namita John as PhD students (supervision Hélène Bertrand and Clotilde Policar)
-May 2022: Welcome to Janet Morrow as an invited professor
-February 2022: Welcome to Alice Balfourier as an assistant professor
-October 2021: Welcome to Alvaro Lopez-Sanchez as a PhD student (supervision Hélène Bertrand)
-September 2021: Welcome to Sophie Vriz, Christine Rampon and Michel Volovitch. The group “Metals in biology” becomes “Metals in Biology and redox homeostasis”!
-January 2021: Congratulations to Paul Rochette that has obtained a fellowship through the PSL graduated program to join us for a M2 internship!
-January 2020: we welcome Janet Morrow
-May 2018: we welcome Dani Gibson as an invited professor
-June 2017: installation of the IR-microscope!

IR microscope, “Agilent 660+”, DTGS, MCT matriciel 128 X 128

-May 2017: we welcome Rachel Austin as an invited professor.

Students’ Awards: Congratulation to all of you!

-“Journée de la montagne Sainte-Geneviève” (June 2022): Jean Bouvet received the best presentation award.

-FrenchBIC 2020: Gabrielle Schanne was awarded the best poster prize

-Summer school metals in biology (metbio): Martha Zoumpoulaki was awarded the best poster prize

-Journées de la montagne Sainte-Geneviève 2019: Amandine Vincent was awarded the best communication prize

-ISABC 2017 (June): Emilie Mathieu was awarded the prize of the Inorganics best Poster Award
at the International Symposium in Bioinorganic Chemistry 2017.

-Emilie Mathieu was awarded a fellowship for an international collaboration by the FrenchBIC.

-Sylvain Clède, winner of the prize for the Best Student Poster at the 2012 SOLEIL Users’ Meeting.

-Sylvain Clède, winner of the Prix de thèse 2014 de la Division Chimie-Physique de la Société Chimique de France.